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About OJ Technologies LTD

O.J Technologies LTD is a registered health technology corporation that connects the dots between health and technology. We focus on solving medical problems through technological innovations (such as; Artificial intelligence, Robotics, 3d Printing, Virtual Reality, Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, Software development, Web development, App development, etc.) in enhancing Medical Practice and Training

We provide services and products tailored to solve various medical challenges. Our products and solutions are user-friendly, and developed for efficient and effective running of hospitals, research, treatment, training and patient history management.

At OJ Technologies Ltd we emphasize on solving problems, recognizing the various needs and developing innovative solutions.

Our vision

To be the continent's leading innovator, creating medical tech solutions.

Our mission

We are dedicated to providing innovative and futuristic technological solutions that meet the various needs of the medical field across Africa.

The Team

Mr. Joseph Ojighoro

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mondae Atughonu

Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Chiawa Theodore Ikenna

Co-founder/Chief Medical Officer

Ms. Goodness Okpara

Creative Director

Dr. Efiri Tamaradeinyefa

Quality Assurance/Community Lead

Ms. Amaku Theresa Chidiebele

Executive Assistant

Mr. Afia Pius

Digital Marketing

Mr. Godwin Anyebe Victor

Business Developer

Ms. Veronica Mmesomma Ani

Content Lead

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