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Metaverse Medical Simulations

The MMS Technology enables health professionals and students, simulate medical procedure including; surgeries, treatment, use of different medical equipment, on-demand, for learning, mastering and rehearsal purposes.

  • Upskill

    Medical professionals can now upgrade their skills at any time and in any place without the availability of a physical patient, facilities, medical tools, mannequins or cadavers.

  • Learn New Procedures

    Medical professionals and students can now learn new procedures on their own without any physical instructors.

  • Work At Your Best

    Simulating medical procedure helps us stay at our best at every procedure, it gives us the opportunity to learn, practice, master and rehearse procedures on-demand, at anytime.

Electronic Health Records System

Our EHRs is built to enable medical practitioners keep accurate health records of patients. It creates a segmeted/centralize record system for easy diagnosis and continuity of treatment.

  • Unlimited Number of Users/Clinics

    The EHRs is built to allow unlimited numbers of patients, practitioners, and clinic branch registration.

  • Scalable and Safe Database

    The system is built with security as one of its topmost priorities to avoid leakage of sensitive data to unauthorized persons/hackers. The database is easily scalable to fit in any size.

  • Smooth Running

    EHRs is a system designed to help run the hospital management smoothly while still maintaining the quality of treatment.

Dermatoglyphics Research Software

Our DRS enables medical researchers to digitally carry out finger print data collection and analysis for dermatoglyphics research work. It scans, stores and displays the finger print, highlighting minutaes from the print.

  • Automated Analysis

    The DRS aids medical researchers to easily and automatically capture and analyze finger prints with ease. It removes human errors in analyzing the collected data.

  • Neat and Tidy Approach

    The use of a digital system for carrying out anthropometric researches eliminates the use of paper and ink which is very untidy, and orthodox way of carrying out research and give ease to data retrieval.

  • Secured and Robust Database

    The DRS allows medical researchers to take as many samples as they need or desire, and these samples are stored in a secured database only the researchers can access with their login.

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